More Disney Infinity Toybox Action Figures Coming Soon

Today saw the release of new Toybox action figures, which are based on “Disney Infinity” designs, featuring Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar characters. On the back of the new range of figures, it shows more figures will be coming soon from all three brands.

Disney have used the same grayed out silhouettes for male and female characters on the Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar side.  So its not possible to work out what characters could be coming soon, but the female silhouette does look like Black Widow’s Disney Infinity pose.

What characters do you think will be coming to the Toybox collection?


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  • T. Knew

    This is disrespectful to the legacy of the 300 people Disney unceremoniously laid off last year, and their families. I can’t believe the company is so callous as to profit off the misfortune of their own former employees. Disgraceful!
    Not only that, but the quality looks horrible!

  • ser but-hert

    sooo they can pump money into redone toys that the main people that would consider buying them probably wont buy them simply cause they arent disney infinity figures, BUT they cant bring back disney infinty the product we actually want
    why do companies NEVER seem to listen to the customers thousands of us signed the petitions to revive the game and they do this instead

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