Ducktales #3 Review

IDW Publishing’s third issue of the new Ducktales comic book series, that is based on the new art style seen in the latest animated series on Disney XD.  This comic includes two stories, “Cheating Like Nostradogmus” and “Beware Of The Phenomenal Pumpkin People”.

“Cheating Like Nostradogmus” features Uncle Scrooge, Donald, and Della head to the home of famous predictor, Nostradogmus, who had set some traps to protect his Magic Jellybeans, that gave him the ability to time travel.  It’s a fun story that delivers some funny laugh out moments plus give Uncle Strooge time to shine as one of the smartest characters in the Disney universe.

“Beware Of The Phenomenal Pumpkin People”, sees the team head to the jungle where they come across the tiny Pumpkin People, who have been having issues with a growing number of monsters and only Uncle Scrooge can work out how to fix it.   This is another great story that delivers more fun, especially for younger readers, plus I liked how Donald Duck was a focus of the story.

I really enjoyed jumping into this comic book, I love the new art style, which brings the characters up to modern standards.  While I’ve enjoyed reading the older Ducktales comics and I grew up on the original animated series, it’s nice to see a new generation being introduced to these characters and having all new original stories is very important.

Overall:  This is another great edition of the new Ducktales series, two decent stories with a lovely art style that delivers something for new Disney comic fans, but keeping everything that has made these characters so loveable.  A easy recommendation for anyone who loves the new series on Disney XD.

Review Score: 7 


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