Marvel Heroes Omega Shut Down

Earlier this month, it became known that Marvel Heroes Omega would be closing down at the end of the 2017.  Last week on Thanksgiving Eve, Gazillion laid off all its staff and details had been released by “former” staff saying that the game would be closed down last Friday.  However the game continued to be playable over the weekend, but today has seen Marvel Heroes Omega completely shut down on PC, Xbox One and PS4, plus the official website and forums have also been deleted.

Marvel Heroes Omega have now confirmed the closure of the game on social media:

We discussed the latest issues earlier today on our Podcast, which can be viewed below:

If you have made purchases on the game in the past few months, I’d recommend requesting a refund through Steam, Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store.

What do you think of Marvel Heroes Omega closing today?


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  • Richard Hermakin

    gamer’s are getting tired of putting moneys into games and having them closing.

    people are getting tired of pay to win and pay to play games.

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