Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Short Causing A Backlash

With the Thanksgiving weekend ending with Coco hitting the top of the US box office, many fans have be sharing their experiences about the animated short, Olaf’s Frozen Adventures.   Disney had been heavily promoting that a new Frozen short would be appearing ahead of Coco, but it seems a lot of theater goes weren’t aware and it hasn’t gone down too well with audiences.  Many cinema goers hadn’t planned on an additional 21 minutes of Frozen fun and were getting annoyed at spending over 45 minutes in the cinema, with all the trailers and adverts, before Coco started, resulting in many frustrated fans.

Before Coco came out, many fans had predicted that the Frozen short was added due to a lack of faith in Coco performing at the box office and that it would also help boost Frozen merchandise sales for another year.

Many of the people who have been complaining have said that “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” isn’t a “Short”, coming in at 21 minutes, its a full TV special, which I’m sure will be very popular in future years when its available on the Disney Channel or its streaming platform.  And if Disney had just shown this short as a special on TV this Christmas, it probably would have been a huge hit and had a more positive reception.

Disney usually put a short before their animated classics and Pixar movies, but they are often just a few minutes.  Others have complained that Pixar movies usually had a Pixar short beforehand.

Then there are complaints about the quality of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which many say is very average, especially compared to the original.   The songs aren’t anywhere near as good as the original and while Frozen 2 will no doubt be a huge hit, Disney might have misunderstood the audience wanting to see Coco.

While in the UK, the short was released separately along with the original Frozen movie following it, since Coco hasn’t been released in all regions yet.

The reaction in Mexico was so bad, that cinema chain Cinemex has reportedly stopped showing the Disney short before “Coco” at some theaters.

Here are some tweets showing the bad reactions:

And here is a trailer for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure?

Did you enjoy Olaf’s Frozen Adventure?


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  • Shiba

    The short was great – honestly, the issue is that a lot of adults are just burnt out of Frozen and have a kneejerk reaction to it, and are claiming it to be worse than it is. As far as why it was paired with coco, I don’t think it had anything to do with lack of faith in the movie itself. I think it had more to do with lack of faith in the people going to go see it. Considering… well, the events of the last year in the US.

    It’s okay to like Frozen. It’s okay to not like Frozen, but in this case, I think people just need to let it go.

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