Review: Kingdom Hearts Select Action Figures (Diamond Select)

For today’s review, I take a looks at Series 1 of the Diamond Select Toys release of the Kingdom Hearts Select Action Figures. Based off the hot game franchise, Series 1 features some of the heroes and villains from the game, including Sora, Axel, and Mickey… as well as some of the creatures one must battle in the game.

For this review, I look at the two retail three-pack of figures released (Mickey, Axel, & Shadow and Sora, Dusk, and Soldier) as well as the Walgreens’ exclusive Mickey & Pluto two-pack. Special thanks to Diamond Select for sending over the two three-packs over for this review.

NOTE: The Mickey in both of these sets are the same mold and paint job. However, their accessories are different, hence why both packs are included in this review.


Mickey, Axel, & Shadow

First up in this first three-pack are: Mickey (or King Mickey in the games), Axel (a member of the evil Organization XIII, whose human form, Lea, is known to Sora), and Shadow (a Pureblood Heartless, the main enemies in the games). Mickey comes with his Star Seeker Keyblade, and Axel comes with his twin chakrams.

While attempting to take photos, I will say that Mickey had a bit of difficulty standing up, mainly because his rounded shoes have very little flat surface area on the bottom. Additionally, the Shadow Heartless has only one point of articulation (the head). Mickey also has limited articulation in his limbs (no elbow or knee joints). It did make posing with the Star Seeker a bit tricky.


Sora, Dusk, & Soldier

Next up in this three-pack are Sora (the main hero of the film), Dusk (a Nobody enemy), and a Soldier (basically an upgraded/ emblemed form of a Shadow). Sora comes with the Kingdom Key Keyblade, and Dusk comes with a display stand, as it cannot stand on its own.

Similarly to the Heartless Shadow, the soldier has minimal articulation, as in only the head. Dusk has quite a bit of articulation, but near impossible for it to stand without his display stand. I feel that Sora, actually, has the best articulation and balance out of all the multi-articulated characters. While in the review I did not get extreme with the posing, he by far has the most range in this line.


Mickey & Pluto (Walgreens Exclusive)

Last up, we have the Walgreens exclusive pack of Mickey and Pluto. Walgreens decided to carry the line, but instead of the elaborate three-pack sets, they wanted a scaled-down single pack format for Axel, Sora, and Mickey. Because Mickey himself is a small figure, he became exclusive with the addition of Pluto and his Kingdom Key D Keyblade, or the King’s Key. Both Pluto and this version of the Kingdom Key are exclusive to this pack. Mickey is the same figure.

When I initially saw this series released, my first purchase was this pack, mainly because of Pluto and the fact that, if I was going to collect these Kingdom Hearts figures, I would want to focus more on the Disney aspect of it (though I do realize that Sora and gang is a creative part of Disney). Even though Pluto has limited articulation, I love the sculpt and look of him.


Overall, I feel this is a very strong first series in what I am sure will be ongoing for Diamond Select Toys. While I have never been a player of the games, a lot of my friends have… so much that their urging had me purchase the most recent collections for PS4 on Black Friday. Therefore, soon i might be sharing their praises for this game. Until then, I will appreciate the start to this Kingdom Hearts Select collection, and look forward to adding more pieces to it in the future.

Want to add the two three-packs to your collection? You can get them over at Entertainment Earth right now! There, you can also pre-order the Minimates and Vinimates that are coming out in 2018.


Special thanks again to Diamond Select for sending the three-packs over for me to review.


What do you think of the Kingdom Hearts Select action figures from Diamond Select? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 


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