Pop! Review: Olaf with Kittens (Olaf’s Frozen Adventure)

For today’s collectible review, I take a look at the newest Funko Pop! Vinyl added to the Frozen franchise. From the (somewhat controversial ) animated short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which was released last week with the new Pixar movie Coco, here is Olaf with Kittens.


Brief synopsis of the short: Olaf goes on an adventure to find a Christmas tradition for Anna and Elsa. He starts this adventure by visiting all of the houses in Arendelle to see what their traditions are. One house in particular knits sweaters for the family, and the grandmother also knits sweaters for all of her cats, hence Olaf holding two kittens in sweaters. The kittens, in their festive attire, join Olaf for his journey through the town, and are last seen saying goodbye to him as they hang out on an evergreen branch while Olaf, accompanied by Sven, go up into the mountains in search of more traditions.

I personally really enjoyed the Olaf’s Frozen Adventure short. However, even prior to seeing the short, I purchased this Pop! because, while Olaf in general has been overplayed in Pop! form, this rendition of him was quite cute, with the hat and the kittens. It’s a great representation of the short, and I appreciate that Funko only came out with one Pop! for it rather that a slew of them… at least initially. I am wondering if Anna and Elsa will be released with their dresses from this short, and Olaf in his decorative bow tie (which he is currently sporting in some theme park meet n’ greets).

Overall, this Pop! is a great addition to a Disney collection, especially if you were a fan of the short, or Olaf, or even kittens… yes, I know a couple of people who got the Pop! specifically because of the two kittens.

Did you pick up the Olaf with Kittens Pop! Vinyl? Are you a fan of the new animated short? Share your thoughts below. 


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