Star Wars Adventures #4 Review

The newest issue of Star Wars Adventures is upon us, this month, the title story focuses on brother and sister Luke and Leia Skywalker as they get themselves in another sticky situation in Part One of The Trouble At Tibrin. The other story mainly focuses on the crew of Wild Space. Let’s dive into the adventure shall we ?



Luke and Leia are off on a diplomatic mission in an event that takes place after A New Hope, Leia steps onto the cockpit in her gown getting ready for her mission on the planet of Tibrin. Luke notices the Empire didn’t even check for security codes before boarding the planet as the pilots talk about Luke’s luck at destroying the Death Star.

Leia contacts Alpha One requesting coordinates to arrange a trading deal with Naboo but they are to meet with the Kalikeedan of the Ishi Tib hoping to recruit him in the Rebellion against the forces of the Empire. Luke, meanwhile, gets harassed by the other pilots, being asked questions about his time on the Empire not seeing a Imperial robot spying on them from afar.

It soon opens fire on the heroes as the Stormtroopers soon opens fire on Leia and the diplomats. Leia orders one of the pilots to throw a grenade at the Stormtroopers but he misses his shot and it explodes near Luke sending him into the waters right into the hands of the Empire.

How will Leia save her brother from the wrath of Darth Vader and the Empire ? Find out next issue



The droid Crater begins complaining to his Master about the amount of time he spends on the Wild Space telling stories as Emil states that stories can inspire people to do great acts and inspire them to be heroes as he began telling yet another tale

The story is about a kid named Mattis on the planet Durkteel as he encounters his first bully as his friend Jinby goes after the bully as he was about to throw Sol into a splitter machine. Jinby bad mouths him and gets herself in trouble as well. Mattis had a decision to make, be inspired by his heroes Luke and Leia to stand up to the tall bully or run away.

What will he decide to do ? Find out by reading the full story



This issue didn’t really do anything for me honestly, I would have preferred having the full Trouble in Tibrin story in this issue instead of having it being split in two to make room for an inferior Tales From Wild Space story. The art from Annie Wu is nice but honestly, the story didn’t do much for me, it felt like a commercial you would see for younger kids about standing up for yourself. I would have preferred just having one long story in a single issue.

I would recommend getting this issue in a trade paperback so you could read both chapters of Trouble in Tibrin back to back and ignoring the back-up story entirely.

Be sure to look forward to Star Wars The Last Jedi coming out in theatres in 2 weeks. This issue of Star Wars Adventures can be purchased in comic book stores or online at Comixology through the following link.


RATING 5 out of 10





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