Disneyland Paris Fandaze Inaugural Party

Pixiedust.be has released info on the two new items on the agenda for the Disneyfandaze inaugural evening on the second of June. And wow, it’s going to be a seriously busy evening. They have already announced meet and greets, parades, and now some additional stuff on the docket.

If you’ve missed all that check out what else is on offer here. The more info they release the more excited I become – but I also become more and more convinced that the ticket price for this event is going to be insane. Let’s take a look at the new things on offer for the evening:

Imagineer meet & greet

Ever dreamt of meeting a real life Disney imagineer? Just zoom over to Animagique Theatre for a conference with the brains behind our iconinc lands, attractions, and shows.

Singing competition at Animagique Theater

This night only, you’ll also have the chance to be the brightest star on one of the most famous stages in Walt Disney Studios Park – Animagique Theater. So warm up your vocal cords for a magical Sing-Along contest. It’ll be so much fun, and if you hit the right notes, you could win some exciting prizes, and more!




Well, this is something isn’t it? I don’t think we’ve seen anything quite like either of these events. The Imagineer conference is seriously exciting and confirms that they are absolutely targeting the hardcore fans. What an amazing opportunity to learn more about the design ideas behind the park.  Demand for this will be very high. But it’s also a very, very, savvy idea. It’s not nearly as expensive as a parade or show but, arguably, holds an even bigger impact over hardcore fans. I’m seriously impressed with this idea.

The singing competition I’m less impressed with. But maybe because the idea terrifies me! I’m sure for those that have a great singing voice it’ll be a lot of fun. And i’m sure it’ll be fun to watch. I wonder about the copyright idea behind it which suggests, perhaps, you’re only going to be able to do Disney songs – but surely, that’s the idea anyway. The prize aspect is also very intriguing.

The more I hear about Disneyfandaze the more convinced I am that DLP is in great hands. For the most part these seem to be people who understand a contingent of the fan market and realise that, well, you can make money out of loyalty. As well as raising the impact of the park. Lets be serious a moment: this is going to be expensive to go to. Seriously expensive. But Disneyland Paris needs money desperately and there’s a market so why not exploit it. Will I be able to go? No. Probably not. But that doesn’t mean some people wont be willing to pay for tickets. Especially if they keep the quality of this up.


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