Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Being Removed From Coco Screenings

Following the backlash from many viewers who went to see Coco at cinemas in the US, Disney have announced that they will be removing the 22 minute short, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure from Coco screenings from December 8th.

The short has already been removed from Coco screenings in Mexico as many people weren’t happy with being forced to watch the latest Frozen offering.

Originally the short was going to be a television special but was added to the Coco showings, probably because Disney weren’t sure if Coco was going to be popular and it would help increase box office numbers, which is what happened to Cinderella, which had Frozen Fever before it.

Pixar movies usually have an animated short before it, but they are usually “short”, since they are normally only a few minutes long and I’ll be honest, I always look forward to seeing them.

Coco co-director Adrian Molina confessed that the short was ‘a bit of an experiment’ saying: ‘It is longer than, I think, any other short that has ever been attached to one of these films, so I’ve heard that that has taken people by surprise.’

One of the issues with Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is that parents weren’t impressed with the quality and found it boring.

Reports are that Disney is requesting cinemas use the additional time from the removal of Frozen to offer an additional showing of Coco.

What do you think of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure being removed?




  • Shupei

    Considering how stuff like Minions tops box office charts, I find it funny that parents are suddenly discerning connoisseurs of the merits of an animated featurette.

    I know you liked the short, but saying things like “one of the issues with the short is that parents found it boring” isn’t really a factual issue with the short, because the mileage varies for each persons screening. During mine, both the kids and adults were laughing during Olaf, while during Coco most of the kids were getting rowdy during the quiet moments, many which had to be removed by frazzled parents.

    The quality of the short isn’t really in question – it’s that people are simply burnt out of frozen and we’re going to hate it no matter what if it was tucked in front of Coco. If it showed Toy Story that Time Forgot, which is really about the same quality and length as Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, I doubt that there would be such a backlash, but here we are.

    If you’re looking for a fair and unbiased review of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, check out Doug Walker’s video “Is Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Worth the Hate?” It takes into account the reasons why people might dislike it while also discussing the actual merit of the short compared to all the vitriol it’s gotten. It’s much more of an informative source than all the pearl clutching clickbait articles like “is Olaf’s Frozen Adventure the next Star Wars Holiday Special??”

    It’s such a pity that a cute, heartfealt short with great animation generated so much undeserved ire…

  • Stephanie M.

    That’s a TRAGIC mistake. It was FANTASTIC! Every one of us in my family LOVED it. I am a REALLY hard sell. Even Disney/Pixar has to work hard to get my approval. I often don’t like what everyone else likes. Like I said, I’m a hard sell. Up and Inside out just didn’t do much for me. They did for many others but I just didn’t go crazy about them. I was completely in love w/ the Olaf “short”. It was touching and sweet. It had something for everyone. My gay son picked out the gay family Olaf visited. That made him feel really good and not forgotten as he’s been feeling so anxious in today’s climate. If someone found that boring, I’m afraid I have to question if they are actually Disney audiences at all.

  • Carmine Crincoli

    Olaf’s Frozen Adventure should’ve been a TV Christmas special for Frozen set to air on TV! Please let it air on TV and have a new Pixar short play in front of Coco instead!

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