First Look At Incredibles 2

Disney have released a new image of the upcoming Pixar movie, Incredibles 2, along with some details on the plot, which sees Elastigirl in the center of the action while Mr. Incredible, stays at home in the family’s sleek new hideout headquarters while trying to deal with baby Jack-Jack’s new powers.

“Helen’s appetite for adventure comes to the fore,” says Hunter. “Whereas before, she was driven to become Mrs. Incredible out of necessity, where she went into it to save her husband, I think this time she really meets her own ambition head-on. The ambition of being an adventure is something that we get to explore.”

Here is the first look at the Incredibles 2:

Incredibles 2 picks up, literally, where the first film left off, with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl battling The Underminer, while Violet and Dash are stuck with babysitting Jack-Jack,” writer-director Brad Bird said of the sequel to Entertainment Weekly.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

The Incredibles 2 will hit cinemas on 15th June 2018.


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