Shanghai Disneyland Ticket Price Rises Announced

Shanghai Disneyland have announced a price rise for admission tickets, that will take effect from June 6th 2018.  Here are the details:

Starting June 6, 2018, Shanghai Disney Resort will set Shanghai Disneyland pricing with three tiers – Regular, Peak and Peak Holiday. Regular price of admission to Shanghai Disneyland is set at 399 RMB. Peak price of admission for high-demand dates, which include summer holidays, weekends, and many of the designated holidays, is set at 575 RMB. Peak Holiday price of admission during two super peak holiday periods, i.e., Chinese New Year holiday and China National Day holiday, is set at 665 RMB.

All tickets will continue to be date-specific and valid for admission only for the date purchased. A discount of approximately 25% will continue to be provided to children (height above 1.0 meter to 1.4 meters, 1.4 meters inclusive), seniors (65 years old and above) and guests with disabilities. Infants (1.0 meter and below) receive free admission.

Pricing is reflective of the unique offerings at Shanghai Disneyland and we continue to make new investments in the guest experience and bring Disney’s legendary innovation and creativity to the people of China. The new pricing structure provides guests with a wider range of options that provide more choices while allowing Shanghai Disney Resort to better manage demand and maximize the guest experience.

Current pricing for Shanghai Disneyland is as follows (till June 5, 2018):

  • Regular Pricing – 370 RMB
  • Peak Pricing (Designated holidays/weekends/summer holidays) 499 RMB.

With Disney opening up its seventh land “Toy Story Land” in the summer of 2018, it does make sense to have a price rise.  It’s also completely normal for ticket prices to rise year on year in all of their other parks.

What do you think of these price rises?




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