Disney / Fox Deal Conference Call Details

Following today’s announcement of Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox, Disney held a investor conference call and shared some more details on the deal.

Here are a few key points:

  • The deal is expected to close in 12 – 18 months
  • They will have 60% of Hulu
  • The 100% buyout of Sky isn’t a condition of the purchase
  • Family brands like Simpsons, National Geographic & Avatar will fit into Disney brand.
  • More adult focused content will be going to Hulu
  • Focused on both Cable & Streaming services
  • They have a larger international TV audience
  • They are planning on buying back $10 billion worth of shares over next 2 years.

Here are some slides from the conference call, giving a clearer idea of what Disney is gaining from this buyout:


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