Review: NBX Santa Claus Deluxe Doll (Diamond Select)

For today’s review, I take a look at the newest addition to The Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) Deluxe Doll Collection: Santa Claus. This follows the Jack Skellington and Sally Coffin Dolls, as well as the releases of The Mayor and Dr. Finkelstein. This deluxe doll is made with higher quality fabrics and hair to give the doll a more realistic look.


First off, the figure comes packaged nicely, with special care put in to the different fabrics used throughout the doll. For example: the beard was wrapped special so as to not come into contact with the coat while the doll was in its box. Done for protection of the beard and the coat, I have seen dolls and figures not packaged this way, and sometimes it leads to fabrics sticking together inside the box, which is a mess to deal with once you open the box.

Outside of the box, while there is little posability with this doll, his arms do have some movement, which makes it so you can incorporate his candy-cane cane into his display. Additionally, he has a built in display stand (previous Jack and Sally dolls have stands, but not attached) as he would be quite hard to stand up without it. The stand, however, is nicely hidden under the coat.

While not seen while he is on normal display, a feature that would be missed is his holly/ivy undergarments, which you can see it you look up underneath the coat.

Overall, this is a great addition to the NBX line of Deluxe Dolls, and I am happy to add him to my collection. Special thanks to Diamond Select for sending him over for me to take a look at.

You can order this doll, and other The Nightmare Before Christmas items, from Entertainment Earth.




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