Star Wars: The Last Jedi Soundtrack Review

While The Last Jedi movie might have broken new ground, the soundtrack is very much original Star Wars as it features many classic themes and throws in some new tracks to keep things fresh, but is never more than a couple of minutes away from something recognisable.

As you’d expect it kicks off with the main title song that always gives me a smile and a tingle down the spine as this is so iconic and epic, that you know exactly what your in for.  With a seven minute track to start things off, it has everything in place with a great mix of new and classic themes all interconnected.

My personal favourite track from the album is Ahch-To Island, which is the main theme from the island that Luke Skywalker has been hiding on and I’ve been humming it all week.  This takes the initial song from the end of “The Force Awakens” and expands it out since the movie spends a large portion of the movie in this location.

There are a few new songs, primarily from the scenes from the Casino city, Canto Bight, which has a Tattonie Cantina from the original trilogy, which is a nice touch and The Fathiers, is also a nice song but sadly nothing quite jumps out like we heard in previous Star Wars soundtracks.

“The Supremacy” brings the classic “Luke and Leia” theme into the mix and fits perfectly with the moment on screen and with the “Return of the Jedi” being one of my first albums owned, this brings this album into a special place for me personally.

And finally the soundtrack ends with “The Finale”, bringing together all the major themes from the movie and closing out with an epic finish that Star Wars does so well, as the use of an orchestra is once again amazing and delivers a fantastic experience.

One of the my small issues with this soundtrack is the lack of anything new that feels epic, as with “The Force Awakens” bringing in many new iconic tunes and bridging the gap between the movies and eras, so this album continues where that left off, mixing everything together, similar to how the movie merged new and old.  This leaves this album sounding very similar to what we’ve already heard before, but that is also comforting as it is a pure Star Wars soundtrack, that I just keep listening to as I’ve been enjoying it so much.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is available on physical and digital formats including streaming services.

OVERALL: John Williams continues to deliver another excellent soundtrack that brings something new to a array of classic Star Wars themes that fans are going to enjoy.  Taking what he created with “The Force Awakens” and expanding it, while still delivering that unique Star Wars sound.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10


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