Star Wars Adventures #5 Review

Star Wars the Last Jedi has just hit theatres around the world and the newest issue of Star Wars Adventures is in our hands, lied within is the conclusion of Leia’s mission to bring a planet into the Rebellion while rescuing her brother from the Empire and a story about the Porgs, the newest and biggest thing to come out of Last Jedi, the little sea birds have won the affection of millions of fans everywhere.

The Trouble At Tibrin Part 2 ( W: Landry Q Walker A: Eric Jones) is the main story of the issue, it directly continues the story from the previous issue, now Leia has to deal with saving her unconscious brother from the Stormtroopers on planet Tibrin.

She disguises herself as an Imperial commander against the wishes of the planet’s locals fearing its too much of a dangerous plan. Captain Bryce begins trying to interrogate Luke Skywalker hoping to get a promotion out of it. Leia’s plan begins working as the Stormtroopers lets her in as she requests that one of them come with her as they make it to the elevator before a bomb Leia left behind blows up the hangar as she soon knocks out the Stormtrooper she was with.

She brings the unconscious Stormtrooper along pretending the rebels are attacking Hangar 14 as the soldiers soon storm out leaving Leia with the opportunity to go look for her brother and save him from possible harm.

The Best Pet (W:Delilah S Dawson A: Arianna Florean) is the second story of the issue  and features Crater from the Tales of Wild Space series informing his master about how Porgs are amongst the cutest creatures in the Galaxy. The whole comic is mainly exploring the personalities and traits of the sea birds featured in Star Wars The Last Jedi.


FINAL THOUGHTS : While the main story was not my cup of tea, I will say that I enjoyed the Porg story as the film didnt delve much into their personalities other than they were birds and liked making nests or making Wookies regret eating two of their own kind for supper while waiting at the Millennium Falcon.

RATING : 6 out of 10



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