Black Panther Marvel Toybox Action Figure Review

With Black Panther hitting cinemas in February, Disney have released their latest Marvel Toybox action figure, which is designed on the Disney Infinity video game assets.

The figure stands over 5 inches tall and is completely posable with articulated limbs at the knee, hip, ankle, elbow, wrist, shoulder and neck points.  Meaning its a very easy action figure to move around and also much more fun to play with it.

It comes with 2 plastic vibranium concussive blasts, one of which fits easily on his closed fist, however the claw like hand doesn’t seem to work as well with one of the blasts.

Check out the unboxing video below:

There are a few paint marks around the neck and elbow, where the paint has run from adding the grey detail points.  And I also found the ratio between such a huge chest and big calves, only to have tiny thighs, to be slightly odd and I do wonder how those tiny hips are going to handle rough play.

Marvel fans looking for a lifelike action figure from the movies will be disappointed because of its simple design style.  But I always loved the art style of Disney Infinity and seeing them being re-purposed for action figures is great to see.  It’s a shame these weren’t the actual Disney Infinity toys since these would have been a much easier sale as a “Toys To Life” item, since they are actually toys.

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a photo to compare the original Disney Infinity figure to the new Toybox action figure:

OVERALL:  It might not be as realistic as some of the action figures for the upcoming Black Panther movie, but this Toybox action figure offers some great value for money since its a very solid figure for £10/$12. While it might not be great action figure to display due to its basic design, it will be a fun toy for kids to play with.


This Black Panther figure is available now at and will be coming soon to


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