Pop! Review: Tron

For today’s review, I take a look at the two Tron franchise Pop! Vinyls that were released late last year by Funko. Based on characters from the first movie, Tron and Sark were both released in regular release, as shown below. Additionally, both have a metallic Chase version, which has a ratio of 1:6. As my luck always has it, no Chases for these have been found by me in the wild.

In Tron, the character of Tron (a digital program) helps the main character Flynn in defeating the Master Control Program, which is being aided by Sark (another program). Each are holding their respective code discs, ready for battle on the mainframe.

I was only 1 when the movie was initially released in theaters, so I first experienced this movie on VHS, then DVD, and finally in all of its’ glory on Blu-ray. While the movie itself is great, it was the Tron arcade game that was tied to this movie that got me hooked on the world of Tron.

Overall, I love the look of these Pop! Vinyls, and I am happy to add these to my collection. I will be on the lookout for the Chase versions, but they are not necessary. Hoping that they extend the line to include additional characters from Tron as well as ones from Tron: Legacy.

Did you pick up the Tron Pop! Vinyls? If so, let me know your thoughts below. 


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