Old Man Hawkeye #1 Review

Marvel’s new series, Old Man Hawkeye, is set 40 years ahead, in a alternative universe, where almost all the superheroes are dead and villains are in control.  This series focuses on an old Hawkeye, struggling with his daughter and his health, while still trying to be a hero.

There are a few other well known characters to help fill out the story, Old Man Logan and Claire, plus two villains to make the story interesting.  One of which I wasn’t expecting at all, which certainly boosted my interest in continuing to read where this one goes.

This is a prequel to the Old Man Logan series, which I haven’t read, which does mean there are huge elements from this universe that I’m not familiar with, since I’m coming into this series fresh.

With this issue setting up a world and its characters, there isn’t really a clear and defined story of where it’s going.  It might set up the world, but very little happens in this issue, though there is one action scene at the start to kick it off with a bang.

Old Man Hawkeye has some fantastic artwork, it’s got a gritty style that I really like and the way the artist uses colour to show how dry and bleak the location is, plus it has lots of detail, which I’ve been impressed with.

OVERALL: Old Man Hawkeye is a great start to the series, setting the tone and where Hawkeye and other characters are.  I’m really excited to see where this series goes and I like the idea of being in a different universe, since it throws all the rules out the window and can tell a different story.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

Here is a look at this issue:


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