Duck Tales #5 Review

While fans still await the return of Disney Duck Tales on television, IDW Publishing continues to publish monthly adventures featuring Scrooge and the gang to satisfy fans during the long wait. This month’s adventures dives into finding the Fountain of Youth and Dewey seeking flight lessons from Launchpad against Donald’s wishes.


Go Go Golden Years ( W:Joey Cavalieri  A:  Emilio Urbano, Andrea Greppi, Michela Frare & Cristina Stella )

Our first adventure starts off with Scrooge and the gang escaping from an evil scientist with an artifact called The Golden Calf of Latte while also avoiding some local head hunters. The adventures proves too much for the adventurers he stumbles upon a pirate ship, who thanks to their stupidity manages to sink themselves thanks to a cannon ball falling to the clutches of gravity

At the hospital, Scrooge complains to his nephews that his adventures are beginning to be too much for his old aching body until Dewey shows him a video featuring an old monk who appears to be as linger as a Olympian athlete. Scrooge decides to pay him a visit learning that he got this way through studying turtles.

He puts his device on Scrooge to give him the metabolism of a turtle as his body becomes completely stiff while he sees his surroundings move at a much more accelerated speed. The nephews decide to take him home on a hand truck to figure out a solution. Scrooge will live longer alright, but at the cost of being a living coat rack. How will he reverse this ?


A Series of Unfortunate Substitutions! ( W:  Joe Caramagna  A: Antonello Dalena, Manuela Razzi, Gianfranco Florio, & Roberto Zanotta) 


In our second story , we see Duckburg’s aviary team , the Blue Mallards along with Launchpad McQuack, trying out for the team. During one of the formations, Launchpad accidentally goes the opposite direction of the Mallards and crashes into them resulting in one of his wings getting clipped crashing onto the street below.

While he gets taken away to the hospital, the lead pilot goes to Launchpad, wondering why he did the formation wrong, he responds that he practiced in front of the bathroom mirror. He is sent to rest for weeks as Dewey decides to ask him for flight lessons to the hesitation of Donald.

Dewey decides to sneak himself into Launchpad’s bedroom to try and get the lessons pretending to be there to give Launchpad some fruits. Launchpad overhears about Scrooge and Donald leaving for Caliosta on a delivery run and decides to do the run despite the doctor’s orders. Scrooge informs him that he hired one of the Blue Mallards to do the run instead. The gang heads off but something tells me trouble is not that far behind.


The first story was an adventure worth reading, showing how Scrooge’s age can greatly affect him during his adventures. Some of the methods he used to stay younger lead to great comedic pay-offs and some great one-liners from Donald. The second story, however falls a little flat tending for a more average Donald Duck  story rather than an adventure tale like the past issues. Donald’s side plot with trying to get his nephew away from Launchpad was the high point of it showing off some great comedy with how he could always catch him in the act.

Not the greatest Duck Tales issue out there, it still satisfies Duck Tales fans while they await the return of the animated series on Disney XD. Duck Tales is a great read for Disney fans or young readers trying out comics for the first time.


RATING : 7 out of 10 





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