Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Merchandise Revealed

D92 have released details and images of a new Annual Passholders merchandise collection coming to Disneyland Paris. The new merchandise is split into a general Annual Pass range and an exclusive Infinity collection. As far as I can see from the items listed the only difference is the text and logo but it’s a nice nod for merchandise collectors. The core of this is a collection – with the same logo –  on a pin and a lanyard, t shirt and a mug. These will be on sale exclusively at Flora’s Boutique from 12 April 2018 as a nod to for the first anniversary of the new Annual Passes and opening day of Disneyland Park itself.













I think the mug’s are lovely. It’s a simple design but the colour scheme works really well on both mugs and I love the logo. Simple, sure, but pretty effective. And they look to be really well made. It’s also a smart starting choice to see how well the range does – after all, everyone loves a mug.

They’ve gone for another safe bet here with pins and lanyards. Once again, the colour scheme works really well. I love the design of the pin badge and the lanyards are also really cool. The extra effort in varying the design slightly between the regular and infinity passes while still keeping the theme is great. Given that the lanyards, especially, are practical for holding passes I can see this part of the line doing really well.

I have to say I think this is the bit of merchandise so far that i’m the least fond of. Possibly because the whole thing is a bit dull. I get that we’re going fairly understated and grown up with this line, and I appreciate that, but I’m less than blown away with the Tee-shirt. However, I’m sure a lot of people will be after it.


It’s a great start to the line and focused on fairly basic stuff to begin with . But it’s stuff that fans are going to want. I think this is a smart business move and a real way to build brand loyalty. It also promotes the sale of annual passes making it a neat move all round. Making the merchandise exclusive to Flora’s is also a nice touch. Disneyland Paris has a bad history of not specialising it’s merchandise to particular shops so it’s nice to see them give it a go. It will also be interesting to see if they expand the range at some point – there’s certainly scope for it.


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