Old Man Hawkeye #2 Review

Old Man Hawkeye #2 continues to fill in the backstory during the Old Man Logan story, from Hawkeye’s view and while this issue features a couple of graphic scenes including some impressive storytelling in building Bullseye as a heck of an opponent for Hawkeye.  The writers certainly show him as a viscous villain, who is willing to do anything to find what he’s after.

It can be pretty brutal and takes no prisoners in showing the deadly action, especially with arrows into the head or how Bulleye deals with the family.

One of the problems with this story is with it being a twelve issues long, it feels like it needs a shift in gear to start speeding up, since nothing much really happens.  Hopefully when it all comes together it’ll make sense, especially as a graphic novel.

The western feel to the whole comic gives it a dark and gritty look, with the artwork on this series continues to impress, especially with the introduction of Venom as another key villain in the story arc.


Old Man Hawkeye #2 is a interesting story arc and feels different to the majority of what’s going on with other Marvel comics right now.  But it’s a shame this issue feels so slow but I love the artist style.

REVIEW SCORE: 7 out of 10

You can purchase this comic now via Amazon/ComiXology

Here is a preview of this issue:


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