Black Panther Original Score Review

Following the hugely successful release of the Black Panther soundtrack featuring many big songs like “All the Stars” and “Pray”, Disney have released a digital only version of the score from the Black Panther movie.

The score has been created by Ludwig Gorasson, who previously worked on Creed and this album will certainly bring anyone listening to it back to the wonderful world of Wakanda. This album is full of African inspired tracks, with the team bringing in local musicians in to deliver a unique sound.

This album really does offers something very unique, especially when compared to other Marvel scores, as this is very different to the last release, Thor:Ragnarok. Which is one of the many strengths of Marvel movies, they offer something different and Black Panther stands out as one of the most original and this score continues that trend.

As with any major blockbuster, this is an epic instrumental with a massive 132-piece orchestra, so it brings the typical Marvel soundtrack sound onto the album, but the African influence and instruments are able to shine through and lift the album away from the mundane movie score.

After listening to the “soundtrack” a week before seeing the movie, I was expecting a movie filled with hip hop music, only to be surprised with a movie filled with a more traditional soundtrack with an African vibe. And being totally honest, it would have been great to have had the major songs from the movie included on this album, since it would better represent the movies actual sound.

It’s a very easy album to listen to and for fans of the movie, it’s a easy recommendation to check out.


Once again Marvel have created a fantastic album, with a gorgeous African theme that tells the story perfectly and I’ve totally loved listening to this album. It’s just a shame this wasn’t released with the soundtrack to offer the complete experience, especially since this is only available on digital, since I’d love to have had “Pray” and “All the Stars” on here to give a true Black Panther audio experience, but that’s just a little niggle I have with this, one what is one of the best scores I’ve heard in ages.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

You can purchase this Black Panther Score now via Amazon


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