Disney’s ZOMBIES Soundtrack Review

The Disney Channel’s latest original musical movie, ZOMBIES, starring Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim, Trevor Tordjman and Kylee Russell. The soundtrack has been released digitally and on CD.

This movie tells the story of a zombie football player called Zed and human cheerleader called Addison, who meet at high school and fall in love, and have to bring their teams together.

As with all Disney Channel TV movies, this album is full of upbeat songs that tell the story of the movie, from the introduction of the characters, to their initial issues before them falling in love and the eventual “Disney” ending.

There is a wide selection of different songs on the album, with a love ballad called Someday, which has two differenr versions plus even a battle song between the Zombies and Cheerleaders.

This is an album full of stereotypes, which fits into the Disney Channel model, with the two main characters wanting to be the quarterback and a cheerleader, plus they are total opposites and fall in love, when the rest of the world doesn’t understand and they have to eventually pull together to change how people think about “Zombies” and let the two characters live happily ever after.

Not only is there a happy ending, but the teenagers get to sing about not conforming, rebelling against authority and being able to be anything they want to be. Which is a very Disney story to tell and will no doubt be inspirational to younger fans of the movie.

But for me, I found this album to be so cheesy and unoriginal on so many different levels. Over the years we’ve seen many stories from Disney about couples coming together regardless of social issues, such as race, religion or Mutant superpowers! While the idea of Zombies being people too and the desire to eat brains can be suppressed due to technology, is interesting, it feels a little too far fetched. And the whole “you can do anything” theme just feels a little too forced.

That is one great thing about this soundtrack, the lyrics tell the story perfectly, even without seeing the movie, this album tells the story very well.


If you love the ZOMBIES movie, you’ll love it, but at the same time, it feels very unoriginal and a Disney Channel movie soundtrack by the numbers. There are some catchy tunes and is a well rounded typical upbeat album, that fits the Disney mold perfectly. Younger fans will love it, while older fans like me will feel we’ve heard it all before.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

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