Star Wars Adventures #7 Review

Issue #7 features two different Star Wars stories from across the eras, “Endangered” Part 1 and “Look Before You Leap”

The main story “Endangered” focuses on the Star Wars Rebels characters as they try to rescue a rare one of a kind bird from the Emperor’s private Zoo.  It’s a fun story, that shows a different side to the battle between the Rebellion and Empire, as it is often focused on people or planets, that animals are often treated as nothing more than a pest.  So I really liked how this story was coming at it from a different angle and I also liked how they had Zeb wasn’t interested in the rescue mission for that very reason.

While the second story, “Look Before You Leap”, sees Nien Numb and Shriv stuck on a planet trying to escape being eaten.  I was really happy to see Shriv included in this story, since he is a new character that got introduced recently in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 video game and was one of the highlights of it.  It’s a fun little story that’s all wrapped up in a few pages, perfect for younger readers.

The artwork for this series is perfect for younger Star Wars fans and it has a upbeat feeling to it, plus it moves along at a much quicker pace than the more adult Marvel comic books.


This series continues to impress me, it feels like a good old fashioned “Saturday Morning” comic or cartoon, its bright, colorful and a lot of fun.  For younger Star Wars fans, its perfect.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

You can purchase this comic book now from Amazon/Comixology


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