Avengers: Infinity War Thor Action Figure Review

Hasbro’s new Avengers: Infinity War action figure line includes Thor, which features moulded details and articulated limbs. This 6 inch action figure comes with an axe accessory and a plastic Infinity Stone.

Here is my video review of this Thor figure:

This Thor action figure is an odd one to me, the “stereotypical” look of Thor, his long hair, cape and Hammer are long gone and we are left with this figure.  While Thor looked very different in his Ragnarok Gladiator outfit in toys last year, this one just looks a bit plain.  Looking more like a WWE wrestler than Thor, it might be easier to accept once I’ve seen Infinity War, but right now, I can’t put my figure on it, but it just doesn’t feel like Thor.

It also barely has any resemblance to Chris Hemsworth, though I do like how they’ve made some marks into his hair.  I also think the chest piece is very well done.

The ax accessory is very well made, its solid and superior to the accessories in other figures from this range like Black Widow’s baton or Hulk’s half an ax.  The Infinity Stone is a nice bonus, plus its compatible with the Hero Vision app.

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a look at this Thor action figure: 


This is probably one of the weakest designs from this wave of budget action figures, I just don’t think much of his look for Infinity War.  I would much prefer to have his classic look or that from Ragnarok, this just looks too plain.    It’s a solid action figure, but I wish this budget line had a little more movement points, comparing it to the Disney Store’s Toybox action figures, which are priced the same, I would much prefer to have that instead.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

You can purchase this Thor action figure from ShopDisney.com, Disney Store UK and Entertainment Earth.


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