Star Wars: Destiny Way of the Force Booster Packs Coming Soon

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new Way of the Force Booster Pack series for the Star Wars: Destiny card and dice table top game.  These packs are priced at $2.99 each and will be released in the second quarter of 2018.

Here are some official description:

The Force is a mystery to many in the Star Wars™ galaxy. Empire’s have risen and fallen throughout the galaxy, yet the Force has remained a constant. Whether it’s the allure of the Dark Side or the path of the Light, the Force permeates every living thing. The most iconic Star Wars characters are guided by the Force, whether they believe in it or not, and the biggest battles and wars in the galaxy come down to a fight between the light and the dark.

Featuring 160 new cards, Way of the Force revisits many of the saga’s most iconic characters in fresh new ways, focusing on their unique equipment, abilities, and tactics. Furthermore, look for mechanics introduced in the newest base set, Legacies, to be expanded on like Plot cards that will completely change how you play the game.

Here is a preview of the new cards:

Discover the mysteries of the galaxy and pre-order Way of the Force (SWD12a) from your local retailer, Amazon or at Fantasy Flight Game’s website!


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