Avengers #685 Review

Avengers #685 continues to build towards the big showdown and this issue is bursting with action as the Avengers are defending from two sides, with a rage filled Hulk bashing down the doors and the Proxmia Midnight from the other.

The addition of the Hulk as the main threat has really seen the action become more enjoyable than the huge battles in the earlier series.  The Hulk is completely out of control and bringing Vision and Quicksilver back into the mix has helped this series get back to its roots.  I’ll be honest, this series has focused too much on the Z list heroes and I’m enjoying the more well known characters coming into focus.

We also get more development of the Voyager, I also really liked the little concept art section at the end, explaining how they wanted her to look like she came from the silver age.

This issue is a little brutal in places, especially with Hulk holding the Major in his hand or how Vision is thrown around.  It also ends on a high note with Wonder Man trying to contact  Bruce Banner.  I can’t wait till next weeks issue!


Another great issue with loads of action and some classic Avengers in action, which is exactly what I want to see.  I really enjoy the weekly blast as it keeps the story fresh in my head and simple to follow (especially since it doesn’t need a chart to keep track).

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

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Here is a preview of this issue:


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