Lilo & Stitch Disney Magic Kingdoms Event Details Announced

Gameloft hosted a new livestream detailing the next event for their mobile game, Disney Magic Kingdoms, which confirmed that Lilo & Stitch content is coming to the game.

New characters include Nani, Lilo, Stitch, Angel, Pleakly, Jumba and Mr. Cobra.

This new event will be starting in 6 days. Other Lilo & Stitch content includes a new parade float, concession stands, plus four attractions, Lilo’s House, The Beach, Ohana’s and Stitch’s Great Escape.

Other content coming to the game include new attractions like Primeval Whirl and the Fairy Godmother has been added as a new character. There will also be some new content for Beauty and the Beast characters, which will help out the Stitch characters (similar to how the Aladdin characters helped in the Winnie the Pooh event).

Gameloft have also made some changes to the way the game works including notifications, opening chests and more.

Check out the livestream below:


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