Star Wars The Black Series Porg 6-Inch Scale Action Figure Set Review

Hasbro have released a small package from the Black Series line featuring two Porg’s from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

This pack includes one Porg sat down with no moving parts and one Porg with feet, that has movable wings.

It’s a tiny little set and would make a great addition to someone’s collection to place them below other figures from the Ahch-To Island like Luke Skywalker or Chewbacca.

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a look at this Porg set:

Here is my video review of this Porg set


This is an odd set, they are tiny but its the solid Porg that is just stuck in one position which lets the set down, had it come with two Porgs that have movable wings, it would feel a better package.   I really like the Porg with wings, its got plenty of detail and is a little treat, its just a shame the other one is so rigid.

REVIEW SCORE:  6 out of 10

You can purchase this Porg set from, Amazon, and Entertainment Earth.


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