Walt Disney Showcase #2 Review

The latest issue of IDW’s Walt Disney Showcase features a couple of classic Disney stories featuring our favourite characters like Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

The Secret  of Gold City

From Italy’s Topolino #2749 (2008)

W: Alberto Savini with Jonathan H Gray  A: Giampaolo Soldati

The real meat of this issue is this new adventure featuring Goofy and Mickey. The story starts off with Mickey  having breakfast over at Goofy’s as suddenly a news story about a steel steam powered robot horse in New Mexico pops up on the television as Goofy quickly closes it knowing something about this sudden discovery.

Goofy explains how he knew about  ancestors from the region named Mickey The Kid and Six Shot Goofy , he explains how they stopped a failed railroad maker turned criminal Jack the Steamer who used a robotic horse to commit his crimes.

Goofy decides to go directly to Gold Town instead of calling the museum with his information since the two had not decided where to go for their vacation. On their way on a motorcycle Goofy found in his attic (….. don’t ask me what else is in there), Mickey suffers through Goofy’s folk town singing and various hijinks.

Meanwhile at the museum, a thief sneaks in looking for the robotic horse as some of the parts fall out of the box, alerting the security guard as he chases the thief down but he gets away. Morning comes as Mickey and Goofy head out towards Gold Town as they run into a problem, they run out of gas. Luckily for them, some bikers come to their aid offering some gas since bikers need to stay together as they are soon back on their way.


Meanwhile, the sheriff goes through the parts of the robotic horse to see what would interest the thief. Their lists of suspects are far too long since Gold Town is full of bikers. The two soon make it to Gold City as Goofy puts on a hat smiliar to his ancestor and walks into the nearby saloon as the owner recognizes them as descendants of the ones who helped his own kin back in the day.

Tired of the family talk, Mickey decides to walk out of the saloon as he spots two police officers guarding the museum as he decides to question them. The officers becomes suspicious of Mickey’s intentions and they suspect that he must be the thief. They warn the sheriff who decides to interrogate Mickey  at the saloon as he tells them that they were out camping the night. The sheriff does not buy it until the leader of the bikers who helped out Mickey and Goofy walk in , they soon explain their side of the story.

They are soon interrupted when a call comes that the museum was raided, the pieces of the mechanical horse are still there, the thing that was stolen was a poncho, what could be so special about it ? What will Mickey and Goofy do to help their newfound friends ? Find out by buying Walt Disney Showcase #2


The Good The Bad and the Fethry 

W: Giuseppi Sansone with David Gerstein A:Giuseppi Sansone

Donald and Fethry are enjoying a nice camp-out in this one page story featuring a gag about sleeping horses. Nothing too special



Walt Disney Showcase #2 continues to be the place for longer Disney stories that can’t be published in the other IDW titles. This time the focus is on a Goofy centered story with Mickey on the side. I am  thankful to get some new stories that don’t feature any ducks. I am honestly ducked out

The story was pretty good with some good writing, bright colours and an action packed climax. I love to see Goofy focused stories since he is such a lovable goofball that does not get the spotlight often since it tends to be Donald or Mickey that gets most of the love.

However I hope to see focus on other characters like Ludwig Von Drake, Beagle Boys or even a Pete or Phantom Blot focused issue would be nice.


RATING 8 out of 10


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