Avengers #1 (691) Review

Following the excellent No Surrender storyline, Marvel have relaunched the Avengers comic book series with a new #1, with a new team and look.

The story kicks off with the three main Avengers, Thor Odinson, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark reuniting in a bar, talking about the breaking up the Avengers, before a major incident hits the world in the form of 2000-foot-tall Celestials crashing at multiple sites across the world.

I think rebooting the series makes a little sense, bringing back the core heroes and throwing in a few lesser known main stream characters like She-Hulk, Ghost Rider and Captain Marvel help boost this issue up.  This is what people want from an Avengers comic, the main characters.  It was my biggest problem with the No Surrender story and this fixes all of that.

While the aim to bring a new audience to the comic book series, especially with the success of the Infinity War movie, this comic book fails to that in my opinion.   It kicks off with a flashback to a million years ago with versions of other Avengers, which is completely confusing and I’ve just spent the last 4 months reading weekly issues and I didn’t have a clue what was going on, let alone what a new reader would think of it.

I’m really hoping this series continues to grow and is the main Avengers comic book I want it to be, which is the problem, it just didn’t live up to the hype, rebooting the Avengers is a big deal and this was good, but not amazing.


A solid Avengers comic book, it sets the scene, gives us a insight into where our heroes are in their life and gives us a global problem for the Avengers to Assemble to take on.  It’s got everything a #1 issue needs to set the story up, but it has some problems.

REVIEW SCORE:  7 out of 10

You can purchase this comic now via Amazon/ComiXology

Here is a preview of this issue:


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