Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Soundtrack Review

The latest Marvel Studios movie, Avengers: Infinity War, brings together all of the Marvel Heroes including the Avengers, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Spider-Man and Doctor Strangers, to face off with Thanos and the Black Order, who wishes to bring together all the Infinity Stones and wipe out half the population of the universe.

Marvel have released two versions of the soundtrack, standard and deluxe editions. Personally I’d recommend just going straight for the deluxe edition since it’s the complete version, since it contains extended tracks and is not far off two hours long.

The score has been created by Alan Silvestri, bringing a full orchestra together to deliver a fantastic soundtrack, that fits the movie perfectly. It delivers an extra layer to the scene but works less as an album, since many of the tracks are a little dull, but again these are very important to build up to the big scenes later in the movie.

But there are some big heavy hitters that instantly take you back to the major scenes of the movie, especially with the constant little reminders that it’s a Avengers movie, bringing the classic themes from the previous movies into many of the new tracks, which helps blend them all together.  Especially with how many of the tracks represent Thanos and the threat he posses, since there are many dark moments within the movie and this soundtrack adds to those emotions.

Unlike some of the previously released Marvel soundtracks from Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, the Avengers Infinity War Soundtrack is less groundbreaking. Both of those soundtracks had a unique overriding theme, which the Infinity War one doesn’t and slides more into the traditional movie soundtrack zone.


Infinity War is a great soundtrack, but the extended version does mean it does suffer from some dull moments, followed by some massive tracks to tie in with the huge action scenes on screen. If your only after the highlights, the standard version is fine, as the deluxe edition is only for those who want the full experience.  But it’s not an album I could listen to over and over, bar a few tracks, but I have enjoyed listening to it, since it takes me back to the main points in the movie, which I loved.

REVIEW SCORE: 7 out of 10

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