Disney Parks Classic Donald Duck and Goofy Figures Review

The Fab 5 have gone through many looks over the years. Some good and some bad. Everyone has their favorite look. For me personally it’s the black and white looks, but a close second is the pie-eye look. Recently the Disney Parks have released a set of figures based off of those pie-eye designs. Available exclusively in the Parks these make great souvenirs and seem to be really popular! Mickey is currently out of stock and has been for a couple months now. Today we are going to take a look at two from the line, the #1 Duck and everyone’s favorite goof. Let’s get to it shall we?

Packaging 4/5

Each figure comes in a window box that shows the figures off nicely. There is great art all around the box of the respective character. One downside is the box for Goofy can’t really hold the weight of the figure and accessories. They have added tape to the box to help with this, but alas just about everyone I seen had small tears due to the weight strain while it hangs on the pegs.

Sculpting 4.5/5

The sculpts on both are very nice and look just like they popped out of a cartoon! The faces are spot on and fit the style they were going for. The details on Donald’s shirt and tie is great and is nicely sculpted. Goofy’s vest is as wellwith what little detail it has. The hats on both are also nicely done and not over sized, nor undersized. The only problem is the poses that they are in makes it hard to get them to stand on their own.

Paint 4.5/5

The paint on both are nicely done. There is no paint bleed on the two I have, but I went through a couple of each looking for the best. So if you have the time or the opportunity to do so I would suggest going through and finding the best you can.

Articulation 3/5

Each figure has 5 points of articulation. They are the located in the head, both shoulders and both hips. Most of it is quite useless as the figures are sculpted for one pose. The articulation does help so you can get them in just the right position so they stand on their own.

Accessories Donald Duck 2.5/5 Goofy 3/5

Each comes with an accessory or in Goofy’s case two accessories. Donald comes with a pennant with his initial on it. While it’s not the greatest accessory it is essential to his pose. Goofy comes with a suitcase and golf bag with golf clubs. They are both nicely detailed, but quite useless as he can’t hold any of them and they can just be displayed beside him.

Overall 4.5/5

These are a great collection of figures and I highly recommend them. At $14.99 each they make an ideal purchase as a souvenir to remember your trip. I hope to find Mickey to add to my collection.  As soon as I do I will get Minnie and Pluto too and review them as well. Bellow is a couple more images of the figure next to their Pop! counterparts to give you an idea of the size of these figure.


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