Disney Comics Double Review – Free Comic Book Day 2018

This year, through the annual Free Comic Book Day at the start of May , we have received some samples from Joe Books and Tokyopop featuring some beloved Disney franchises, Ariel and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. I will be providing small reviews for both titles to give you a glimpse in case you want to pick up the full versions in stores.


Disney Princess- Ariel Spotlight Issue-

Our first title offers a best of collection from the beloved Disney Princess comic book series from Canadian publisher Joe Books. This book mainly focuses on The Little Mermaid, most of the book compromises of reprints from the 17 issues published since 2016 along with some bits and pieces of new content.

Featuring a new cover from Pocket Princess artist Amy Mebberson along with comics by a handful of other artists, this book offers a lot for a younger demographic who are starting their comic book collections.


For our second review, we will journey from one side of the Earth to the other with the Japanese manga sequel to the 1993 Disney hit The Nightmare Before Christmas

This issue compromises of a pilot of sorts for the upcoming 20 issue long run of Zero’s Journey which will later be collected onto manga-sized volumes and hardcover editions on top of the standard comic book sized format that Japanese manga tend to avoid.


The plot is that Zero tries to play with his master Jack Skellington, the later busy with trying to device a scarier Halloween party for the mayor of Halloween Town. Jack finally gives in and decides to play fetch with his beloved ghost dog but after one wrongful throw, the dog ends up teleporting throughout Halloween Town right into Christmas Town.

The first issue will pick up from this chain of events once it lands in stores.

The comic is a nice treat for fans of the original film who wanted to see further adventures featuring the beloved characters. The art is nicely detailed to highlight the rich textures of the stop motion characters in a 2D format and the colours by Dan Conner is top notch giving Jack a yellow tone to differentiate him from Zero.

I would highly recommend Disney fans or parents to pick up either books for their children once they hit stores or to pick up the latest issues of either Disney Princess or Nightmare Before Christmas- Zero’s Revenge to support the publication of more Disney comics.



Disney Princess – 8 out of 10 

Zero’s Journey  – 7 out of 10 





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