LEGO Marvel BrickHeadz The Hulk (41592) Review

Recently I picked up the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes BrickHeadz Hulk set, which is a unique stylized collectible that features colorful and authentic detailing, BrickHeadz eyes, buildable fists and hair, plus decorated muscles, plus a display baseplate.

Here is our video review of this Hulk figure:

Here is a look at the packaging:

This LEGO Hulk Brickheadz set features some great aspects, especially the way the designers have made Hulk’s arms huge blocks, especially when compared to other arms on Brickheadz, which are usually just a plain straight piece.

I also loved the chest piece, it makes the figure (its so much better than using stickers) and I also like how they incorporated Hulk’s trademark purple pants.  I felt the hair pieces seemed a little simple and didn’t look right while I was building it, but once build it makes sense.

If you like stylized figures like Pop Vinyls or Mighty Muggs, this series of collectibles is worth considering, as this set looks great on a shelf and is priced at the same rate, but offers fun while building it and its a collectible you need to take out of a box!

Here is a look at this Hulk Brickheadz:


This Hulk Brickheadz is a great addition into any Marvel fans collection, this set is fun to build and represents Hulk perfectly.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

You can purchase this LEGO BrickHeadz The Hulk set from, Amazon, and Entertainment Earth.


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