Chewbacca | LEGO Solo: A Star Wars Story Brickheadz Review

LEGO have released a Chewbacca Brickheadz to tie in with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story.  This Brickhead features matted fur and ammunition belt. He also has a detachable blaster and stands on a buildable collector’s baseplate.

Some of the good things about this set include the unique pieces, such as the chest piece and I also liked how the head pieces really help set this Brickhead apart from others in the range, since its so big, but it could have done with some printed lines on it, so it looks more like hair.   I also found the nose piece a little plain and could have been a little better.

And that’s one of the biggest issues with this Brickheadz, its not instantly recognizable as Chewbacca, if you took away the gun and chest piece, it could be some random dog or brown blob of LEGO bricks.  Which isn’t a good thing,

It’s a shame the figure didn’t come with a bowcaster instead of a large gun, but it does make a little more sense when its compared to the Solo movie.

Here is my video review of this LEGO set:

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a look at this LEGO set:

OVERALL:   This is a strange Brickheadz set, one minute I like it but then I look at again and I don’t, I think it needed a little more work to make it look like Chewbacca, especially on the big head.  It’s probably one of the weaker Star Wars Brickheadz and shows the problem with this format with certain characters.

REVIEW SCORE:  6 out of 10

You can purchase this LEGO set from LEGO, Amazon and Entertainment Earth.


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