The Incredibles 2 #1 – Midlife Crisis & Stories Review

Dark Horse Comics have launched a new comic book series based on the newest Pixar animated movie, The Incredibles 2 and this issue features Three original stories that are set during and after the Incredibles 2 feature film!

The first story sees Mr Incredible retelling a story of when he was younger, being able to pick up a submarine and save the crowd, only to suffer the embarrassment of not being able to do the same today.

It’s interesting to see how this story is shown from Mr Incredible’s perspective and not one your used to seeing in superhero comic books. It normalises the problem, especially older people face, where their health does deteriorate, often without being noticed until something important happens.

This angle doesn’t go to deep as it is quickly turned around to have Mr Incredible try to help mentor his children as superheroes. I personally would have loved that to have come later in the story, but understandably, the writers want to keep it upbeat.

There are two other stories, which are much shorter, one involves Jack Jack helping another child at a play park and the other sees Mr Incredible trying to get Jack Jack a sleep. Both are a nice bonus, perfect for younger fans to get a quick short fix.

My only complaint was the artwork between all three stories was different, so there wasn’t a coherent style. I didn’t like the artwork of the second story, it seemed much less impressive, but perfectly acceptable for children. But the third story had some beautiful artwork, that blew the other two stories artwork out the water, which wasn’t something I was expecting from a Disney comic book.

OVERALL: This is easily one of the best looking Disney comic books for a while and with original content, that fits in perfectly with the new movie, its a perfect tie comic book series and a good way of getting younger children into reading Superhero comic books.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

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