Darth Vader #18 Review

Darth Vader #18 is probably one of the most interesting Star Wars comic books I’ve read in a long time and perfectly captures how Vader is not just a pawn of the Empire, but also a intelligent hunter, who loves the thrill of the hunt, so much that he has to recreate it.

The story focuses on Grand Tarkin and a team of Troopers and Bounty Hunters, trying to track down and kill Darth Vader.  There’s always been a constant underlying issue between the two, but seeing Tarkin out on the ground of a different planet, showing his own skills, that made this book even better.  He isn’t just standing around directing from a far and I love that about this issue.

I actually had a few vibes of this issue being based on Fox’s “The Predator”, with the way Darth Vader becomes invisible, his rough animal look and just how he takes out the Empire’s team one by one.  It’s not a problem to me, since I love “The Predator” anyway.

This book has some great character development for both Vader and Tarkin, which shows how this Darth Vader book is easily a must read each month for Star Wars fans.

The art style is also very good, it doesn’t feel like your typical Star Wars comic, since its shown in a different way, where you can see how the writers and artists wanted to portray something unique and it works well.

OVERALL: A perfect one shot Star Wars comic book that is a easy book for any fan to just pick up and enjoy, it truly shows why Vader is one of the best villains ever.

REVIEW SCORE: 9 out of 10


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