Magic Everywhere – Best DisneyLand Paris Parade Songs

Music is something so intrinsic to the parks. From land loops to ride soundscapes music is used to guide us through Disneyland Paris and help us become immersed in the various stories it’s trying to tell. Where Disneyland Paris, for me, excels in it’s use of music is the parade songs. The history of parade music in Disneyland Paris is one of innovation and creativity. Today, I want to celebrate that by highlighting my five favorite Disneyland Paris parade songs.

These are not in any particular order and span the parks history. These are obviously subjective but they’ll give you a great insight into the fantastic work that Disneyland Paris do.

Magic Everywhere

Magic Everywhere is probably my favorite Disney parade song and I don’t think I can fully articulate why. It was written for the parks 20th anniversary in 2012 but they kept hold of it for a while and made a couple of lyrics changes and so was still around on my first return trip as an adult. And the theme for many of my return trips since. I think it still conjurers up those fantastic memories and will, forever, link me to Disneyland Paris. It’s a fantastic song that really captures what it means to be in Disneyland Paris and what it means to be a fan.


Vive La Vie

I think this is probably one of my favorite of the seasonal songs. It was used for the Halloween cavalcade in 2014 and has been stuck in my head ever since. I think it’s got a great beat, fun lyrics, and is just super catchy. It really worked for the parade and fed into the atmosphere of the park so well. It’s also one of the few Disney parade songs that I think still work really well even when divorced from it’s context which is a pretty hard thing to do.


Dancin’ A Catchy Rhythm

This one is an absolute classic and I think holds a special place in the heart of Disneyland Paris fans and I’m no exception. This song really captures what it means to go to the parks – that excitement when you wake up and you realise that your still in Disney! I also think that’s it’s incredibly singable and has some great lyrics. One of the strongest songs that Disneyland Paris have put out.



This song was part of the Disneyland Paris Fantillusion parade which ran in 2003-2012 and was borrowed from the Tokyo park. While I never saw the parade in person I think this is such a beautiful piece of music with such a strong undercurrent. Ever since the first time I heard it I’ve been pretty enamored. It’s beautiful, and sparkley, and gorgeous. The fact it lacks lyrics makes it unique on this list but I’d argue it’s all the more special for it.


Do you believe was originally written for the celebration train for the 20th anniversary and, while, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used in the park it’s a song I associate so closely with the park. I think it’s bouncy, lively, beautifully written and absolutely perfect parade music. It’s effective enough without any additional parade elements but I imagine when used in the park it’s pretty phenomenal. And, to be honest, every time I hear it I can’t help but sing along.


Disneyland Paris and Parade Music

These choices are, obviously, heavily subjective and quite often linked with particular events or memories. Which made this fun to do. So, if you do decide to make your own list please do let me know.

While the songs are very different I think it’s clear that even though the park has a relatively short history one of the things it does, and does really well, is create some pretty incredible parade music and shows. Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks for a bit of further discussion on  Disneyland Paris and music – with a focus on some iconic tracks from the rides. Now, where did I put that Pirate hat…?


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