Spider-Punk FiGPiN Announced

Marvel have announced the latest new Marvel Spider-Man video game themed FiGPiN, Spider-Punk, which will be released at Target stores from September 4th, ahead of the video games release on the PS4 on September 7th.

This is the third “Marvel’s Spider-Man” FiGPiN, which include Spider-Man standing tall in his new Advanced Suit, which you can pre-order at Amazon.com.

While the other FiGPiN, is available as part of the pre-order bonuses for “Marvel’s Spider-Man” Deluxe Edition.


One comment

  • Apparently the release of the Spider-Punk FiGPiN didn’t happen. I went to my local Target this morning and they checked their system and all the others in my area and nothing. The pin was to be sold as a stand alone as cane be seen in their add and also as a bonus for those who buy the game. So I took a couple hours of vacation time this morning for no reason at all.

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