Review: Kingdom Hearts Wisdom & Valor Form Sora (Diamond Select)

For today’s review, I take a look at a couple of Kingdom Hearts Select action figures from Diamond Select Toys. Each featuring a variant form of the Series 1 Sora figure, one is exclusive to Target, with the other being exclusive to GameStop. Let’s take a closer look at Wisdom Form and Valor Form Sora.

Wisdom Form Sora

Exclusive to Target


Valor Form Sora

Exclusive to GameStop


Each version of Sora comes with a copy of the Keyblade, the Kingdom Key more specifically. Additionally, each Sora comes packed in with a Heartless Soldier.


Overall, these are fun variants to the Sora action figure, and nice additions to the beautiful Kingdom Hearts line of action figures (I previously reviewed the full Series 1). Special thanks to Diamond Select for sending these over for me to take a look at.

Next week, I will take a look at the big-box retailer release of the Series 2 set of these Select action figures, including a Target exclusive.



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