“Ralph Breaks The Internet” Reveals Digital Influencer Cast at NYCC

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” wowed audiences at New York Comic Con, introducing new cast and characters, including some of the biggest personalities on the real-world internet. Dani Fernandez, who also hosted the panel, Colleen Ballinger, and Tiffany Herrera, can all be seen and heard in “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

As digital influencers, they were called on to portray themselves, adding validity to the internet depicted in the film. Flula Borg, German actor, comedian and YouTube personality (DJ Flula), lends his voice to Maybe, the dedicated assistant of website entrepreneur Yesss. GloZell Green, rapper/YouTube personality, was previously announced as the voice of Little Debbie from Slaughter Race. “We wanted to cast these roles with people who embody the best of the internet,” said director Rich Moore.

Fernandez moderated the Comic Con panel, welcoming directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, and head of story Josie Trinidad to the stage to share never-before-seen footage, and behind-the-scenes information about the making of “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” which opens Nov. 21, 2018.

Here are some photos from the NYCC panel:


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