Review: Kingdom Hearts Action Figures Series 2 (Diamond Select)

Today, I take a look at Series 2 of the Kingdom Hearts Select of action figures from Diamond Select Toys. Included in this review are the big box retail releases of Roxas (Oathkeeper Key) & Soldier; Pete, Chip & Dale; and Donald & Goofy. Also featured in this review is the Target exclusive Oblivion Key version of Roxas.


Roxas & Soldier

The regular release of Roxas comes with the Oathkeeper Keyblade, and a Heartless Soldier, similar to the one released in Series 1.

The Target version of this figure is the same colorway, except Roxas comes with the Oblivion Keyblade.


Pete, Chip & Dale

No accessories in this set, but Pete is probably the best figure in this series to date. Great sculpting.


Donald & Goofy

Donald (the Court Magician) comes with his Staff, and Goofy (Captain of the Royal Knights) comes with his shield.

Overall, this is a great continuation of the Kingdom Hearts Select action figure line by Diamond Select, and I look forward to seeing what future installments will contain. Cannot wait for some more Disney Villains to be released, and excited to see the TRON themed figures coming in Series 3.


Special thanks to the team at Diamond Select for sending these over for me to take a look at.



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