Pop! Review: 10″ Black & White Mickey Mouse (Target)

Today, I take a look at one of the several special Pop! Vinyls released this year in celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday, which occurred back on November 18th. On that day back in 1928, Steamboat Willie premiered at the Colony Theatre in New York City (now named the Broadway Theatre). Many companies, including Funko, collaborated with Disney to celebrate this milestone with special products. One of the ones Funko released was a special Black & White 10″ Pop! Vinyl of Mickey, which was exclusive to Target stores here in the US.

I decided early on to not be a completionist when it comes to Funko collection for Mickey’s 90th, but when I saw this online at Target’s website, I knew I had to get it. It is a beautiful sculpt at the 10″ level, and I really like the black & white colorway as well.

In case anyone is wondering how big the 10″scale is, here is this Mickey next to the NYCC exclusive 3″ Little Whirlwind Mickey.

This is a great addition to my Disney Funko collection… but I would love to see Funko make a Black & White Minnie Mouse to complement him.


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