Review: Kingdom Hearts Minimates Series 1 & 2

For today’s review, our friends over at Diamond Select Toys have sent over the first two series of Kingdom Hearts Minimates for me to take a closer look at. Based on characters from the video game franchise, each series contains three different 2pks of characters.

Series 1 is made up of: Sora & Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse & Goofy, and Donald Duck (from Space Paranoids) & Tron.

Series 2 is made up of: Master Form Sora & Pete, Black Coat Mickey & Soldier, and Goofy (from Space Paranoids) and Sark.

Let’s open up these packs for a better look.


Series 1

Sora comes with a Kingdom Key Keyblade and Donald comes with his Mage’s Staff.


Mickey wields his Kingdom Key D Keyblade and Goofy is carrying his Shield.


Both Tron and Donald in 2pk carry Identity Discs.

Kingdom Hearts Minimates Series 1


Series 2

Sora comes with his Kingdom Key Keyblade once again. Nothing for Pete.


Mickey once again comes with his Keyblade. Nothing for the Soldier.


Identity Disc for Sark. Nothing for Goofy.

Kingdom Hearts Minimates Series 2


Overall, I think this a great set of Minimates from Diamond Select Toys, and overall feel that the Kingdom Hearts franchise is a win for them, especially with the Select line of Action Figures. I am looking forward to seeing how this franchise will expand in 2019.


To add these pieces and more to your collection, check out our friends over at Entertainment Earth. Special thanks again to Diamond Select for sending me these to review.



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