Pop! Review: GameStop Exclusive Max Goof (w/ Chase)

For today’s review, I take a look at two of the ten Funko Pop! Vinyls that was released in GameStop’s Black Friday 2018 Mystery Boxes. This collection was centered around The Disney Afternoon, a group of cartoons that appeared on TV screens on weekday afternoons in the 1990s. The collection consists of five characters, each with a regular release and a Chase release. The first of these five characters we will be looking at is none other than Goofy’s son from Goof Troop… Max Goof.

Even though we have gotten versions of Goofy released in the past, this release of Max and his Chase is the first Pop! Vinyl from the Goof Troop cartoon. The cartoon centers around Goofy raising his son Max, with Pete (known from the Steamboat Willie cartoon) and his family living next door. This cartoon spawned two movies, the first being A Goofy Movie, of which we got a Powerline Pop! Vinyl released.


The regular release has Max standing there with an outstretched hand, while his Chase version has him holding a skateboard. I appreciate that it is not just a paint job difference.

I really do hope that 2019 brings us more Goof Troop and A Goofy Movie releases in Pop! form. Goofy and his brand is, in my opinion, quite underrepresented in the realm of Funko, so branching out with these characters is a great way to go.


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