New Star Wars LEGO Sets Revealed

Earlier today, we showed off all the new Star Wars LEGO sets that were on display at the New York Toy Fair.  Now we have got official images of the new sets, which include some based on the new Star Wars Resistance series.

Action Battle Endor Assault (75238) – 193 pcs – $29.99

Action Battle Hoth Generator Attack (75239) – 235 pcs – $29.99

Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter (75240) – 496 pcs – $49.99

Action Battle Echo Base Defense (75241) – 504 pcs – $59.99

Black Ace TIE Interceptor (75242) – 396 pcs – $39.99

Duel on Starkiller Base (75236)

What do you think of these new Star Wars LEGO sets?



  • I definitely want that TIE Interceptor kit. The target practice sets look odd… I’ll need to see those in action before deciding if they’re worth getting.

  • (To be clear I meant the red & black one. I don’t know why they have it labeled as Fighter when it is clearly an Interceptor

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