National Geographic “Nature’s Best Remedies” Out Now

National Geographic have announced a new book, Nature’s Best Remedies, which is available now and is priced at $35.

Here are the details:

Sales of herbal supplements have been growing for more than a decade, and an expanding segment of the American population, now more than a third, use some sort of alternative medicine. In a new book, National Geographic has included the updated science and easily accessible content which is a must have for anyone looking to pave the path to good health and well-being. Nature’s Best Remedies (National Geographic; February 5, 2019; $35.00 U.S.; ISBN: 978 1 4262 1892 7; Hardcover; 320 pages; 400 photographs; 25 illustrations; 70 maps) is a fresh approach to exploring the world’s most therapeutic foods, oils, spices and essential oils.

Whether you’ re reexamining your food choices or interested in the healing power of nature, this authoritative guide is filled with hundreds of powerful ways to energize your body and enrich your life — on the inside and the outside.

Featuring a foreword by integrative medicine expert, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog,Nature’s Best Remedies is a vital companion for carrying out life-changing resolutions, or simply for adding natural resources like healing foods and soothing scents into daily routines.

Through this insightful guide, wellness seekers will learn:

  • The secret of nature’s cures for headaches and joint pain
  • Natural skin and hair care solutions
  • How to fight off seasonal or environmental colds with herbal treatments
  • How to recognize and reduce stress with rescue remedies
  • Insomnia relief ideas
  • How to create delicious food that packs a powerful health punch via easy-to-follow recipes
  • Natural remedies to beat nervous agitation, mood swings and “the blues”

Divided into two sections — Nature’s Cures, organized by ailment, and Nature’s Pharmacopoeia, organized by herb, fruit or vegetable — this beautifully illustrated resource provides up-to-date information on key topics such as food choices, natural home helpers, stress relief, skin care and the benefits of phytochemicals, the essential ingredients that make plant-based foods so good for you. Innovative recipes offer easy dishes that utilize multiple herbs, spices and fresh foods for powerhouse results.


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