Toy Fair Exclusive: New DuckTales Action Figures Coming from PhatMojo

Well, I am back from Toy Fair 2019, and with that begins a bunch of stories highlighting things I saw on the show floor and at special events I was invited to.

Today, I start with some news that PhatMojo will be continuing their line of DuckTales action figures, based off the designs and characters from the 2017 reboot of the franchise. Unfortunately, I could not take any pictures of the figures, but I was able to jot some notes down on what I saw.

NOTE: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. I have not caught up with the series yet, so I am not sure if a couple of the figures I talk about have appeared already.


NEW Scrooge McDuck & Donald Duck Figures

Not that this is a surprise, but it looks like there will be new designs of both Scrooge and Donald. Scrooge has an irritated look to him, while Donald is all out angry, and his concept art shows him coming with a chainsaw. Now, that’s angry!


Launchpad McQuack

Now, Series 1 of the action figures showed a release of Launchpad with his seaplane, the Sunchaser. I have seen him being available as a stand alone figure, but I have never seen him in person. I am not sure if this release is exactly the same as Series 1, but it sure looked like it.


Nephews 2 Packs

In Series 1, Donald’s nephews (Huey, Dewey, and Louie), along with Webbie, were sold in 2 packs. For Series 2, it looks like there will be more of the same type of pack-ins. While I did not see actual figures, concept art showed a Huey Super Saiyan and Boyd as a 2 pack, as well as Louie the Richest Duck and Maitre D Huey as another one. No signs of Dewey and Webbie, but I am sure they will be in the assortment somehow.


Gizmoduck with Fenton Crackshell- Cabrera

Rounding out what I saw of this assortment was a large pack-in of Gizmoduck with his alter-ago Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera. Gizmoduck was in figure form and looked amazing. Fenton was still in concept art form. All I know is that, if nothing else, this combo WILL be in my collection.


Overall, this is a very strong second year for the DuckTales line from PhatMojo. I am looking forward to seeing more of what this collection will have, and what other characters from the show they add in. I would love to seea version of Darkwing Duck or the Three Caballeros show up soon.



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