Toy Fair Highlight: Folkmanis’ NBX Puppets

At Toy Fair last month, I was floored (in a good way) to see the new The Nightmare Before Christmas puppets coming from the team at Folkmanis. Featuring a life-sized Jack Skellington and his faithful dog Zero, these puppets will be coming out next month. Let’s check them out.


Jack Skellington

Jack is a body puppet, where one hand controls the mouth, while the other hand controls one of his hands. Additionally, the feet have loops where they can attach to the puppeteers’ own feet. Here is one of the Folkmanis team giving a demonstration wearing Jack.




Zero is also a hand puppet, and has a nose that can light up with a switch inside the mouth. I got to test out Zero myself, and for me he will be an instant buy when he is released.


Zero & I


For those interested in purchasing either Jack or Zero or both, you can head over to, where they are available for pre-order.



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